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The only place in Virginia where you can rent a real, working fire truck to visit your party or event! What child doesn't get excited to see a fire truck rolling down the street? Imagine their excitement as the fire truck arrives with lights and siren on and greets them at their party! The children (and adults too!) can explore the truck, learn about some of its equipment, and get tons of photos all in and around the fire truck. You will truly be the hero of your child's party when you rent a fire truck for his or her special day!

Due to the nature of this rental, online bookings cannot be completed without a phone consultation. The fire truck is a very heavy vehicle that requires a large, hard surface to park. It cannot be driven into soft yards, and homes that face a busy roadway may not be suitable for a fire truck rental if there is not ample, safe parking and sufficient space for the children to explore.

***Rides in the fire truck are NOT automatically included in the price or guaranteed. Depending on the location, age of the children, parental oversight, and other factors, a very slow-speed, 5-10mph ride around a quiet neighborhood, park, or large lot may be possible.

***No employee, owner, or contractor of Party Hero Rentals purports to be a firefighter and is not associated with any fire department. At most rentals we strive to have an actual active or retired firefighter from local cities to be present during the rental period and they will be identified as such, but depending on availability there may not always be a firefighter present for the party. However, all Party Hero owners and non-firefighter contractors have received training and consultation from active, local firefighters on the operation, use, and functions of the fire truck.

Our Pierce Lance pumper engine was in-service for a volunteer fire department in Long Island, New York until May 2020. Now, it is available to you to service your party or special event needs!

For other requests regarding our fire truck rental, such as business promotional events, corporate/club/church events, photo shoots, advertising, weddings, etc. please call or email us for more information.
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Rent A Fire Truck
Rent A Fire Truck

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